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1stMother.com is dedicated to what is commonly known as the female parent of an offspring, the mother. Mothers which can be considered maternal whereas a father would be considered paternal.

For centuries the role of the father is the income producer and the mother is in charge of child raising for the family. Within the past several decades that role is being altered and it is often seen in today’s western cultural standards the father is staying home to raise the children and the mother is the bread winner.

The term mother can also be applied to persons who were not the biological parent but they fulfill the social role. Many possibilities exist in defining a mother, such as a step mother or an adoptive mother and then we can include the advancement in reproductive technologies thus giving motherhood split between the genetic mother who provides the ovum and the gestation mother who carries the pregnancy. Then in many cultures and economic status roles, a social mother may actually raise the child.


Worldwide, the role of mother is very difficult to define because of the complexity and the differences found in various cultures, religious roles, social atmospheres and a wide variety of other items alter a universal single definition of a mother.

Often throughout time the biological mother may not be available or even alive and another mother figure enters the development stages of children.

Female children raised without a father figure seem to have more severe disputes / arguments with their mother.

Mothers, as well as fathers, can be categorized by biological, legal relationship, and social standards with their child.

Mothers may be referred to by many terms such as, ma, mama, mom, mommy, and many other slang terms.


This web site does not judge whether a biological mother is required in the development of a family. Our goal is to deliver quality information which can be used by not only mothers, but the entire family structure. Click on the image below and view a myriad of pages of free information about mothers.

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